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Owen and Liam 11/08

Owen and Liam 11/08

puremom.com was started in May of 1999 in order to share the birth story of our first child. 1999 is going back a ways in internet time. Back then the simple one page website came up as the first or second link in a Yahoo search. Now that the birth or our third child is only a few days a way we are giving a much needed make over to the website. We are very excited to share the experience of our third home birth as soon as it occurs. Happy Holidays,     Andy and Abbie
Abbie aka Mamagail

Abbie aka Mamagail

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  • Mike&Amy says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful birth story.

  • Katey Branch says:

    FABULOUS job all of you. What a miracle to be able to share and how awesome that you are all able to tae part in the whole process. GREAT PICTURES!!! and video. WAY TO GO! Congratulations and 1,000 blessings on bringing more beauty and good information into the world! Peace and love, Katey

  • Hafssa says:

    Thank you soooo much for sharing! You guys are truly amazing! Such a great source of inspiration. I’m due in May, watching your video made me feel a lot stronger about my decision to homebirth! Thanks a lot! God bless you and your amazing little family!


  • Sacha Lloyd says:

    Kia ora
    Many thanks for sharing this gorgeous birth and website with us. I have been a homebirther myself and am now a stdent midwife here in New Zealand. This is an invaluable resource for all future mama’s and papa’s and their families. May this inspire and encourage many more to embrace homebirth.
    Thanks so much.
    Kia ora ano

  • Hi! I just saw your stunning birth video posted on Facebook through Carla Hartley and Doppler Danger. WOW!!! That was so beautiful! And timely on my part. I just sat through Karen Strange’s Neonatal Resuscitation class 2 days ago. I LOVED seeing you act so calmly and innately to the needs of your baby!

    I am pregnant with my 4th baby, due this coming Christmas and will be having my first UC. My 1st baby was born with a CNM in a hospital and #2 and #3 at home with a CPM. All great births, but I feel that this time, which could very likely be my last birth, I want it to be different. I am so excited and at peace doing it this way. Though of course there is the thought of “what if” which I spend very little energy on…my God is greater than all the “what-ifs”! =) But it was refreshing to see a “what-if” handled with nothing but calm! Thank you!!!

    I have a question for you, though. I am a childbirth instructor (Birth Free Childbirth Education – my own classes – http://www.laborforlove.com), a doula and a student midwife. My latest work has had me creating my childbirth classes on DVDs. There are 12 separate DVDs that combined create a very thorough education for couples seeking home or hospital births. I don’t push UC in them at all, though I have a birth story that is UC and a video I share that is as well. I am close to being done with the classes and am seeking several more birth videos to share on the DVDs.

    Each DVD has a lecture for the topic of the week, a nutrition topic, an exercise and a relaxation, it also has a homework assignment and a testimonial from a mom or a couple on their birth experience. Each week also comes with a 14-20 page handout which at the end produces quite a lengthy workbook. I also try to include a birth video for each week as well. The more beautiful, trust births people see, the more they it becomes possible to them. I am wondering if you would be willing to share your birth of your daughter with me and my students. If not, I totally understand, I’ll probably just put a link up on my class FB page to check out, but I would love to include it on the DVD.

    You can contact me by e-mail (jlcdavis@laborforlove.com) or you can call me as well, my cell is 320-493-5110. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful birth…it was wonderful to witness!!!

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